ten things to do at the beginning of each month

I don’t know about ya’ll, but October was a WHIRLWIND at the Powell house. We had plans every single weekend and now that it’s over I feel like I can finally catch my breath. I love a fresh start and a new month feels like a great opportunity for one. Tonight, I want to share with you 10 things to do at the beginning of each month to set yourself up for success!

ten things to do at the beginning of each month

Reflect & Review:
Take stock of the highs and lows of the previous month. What went well? What was less than desirable? Did you achieve your goals? Why or why not? My Panda Planner Pro has a great section on the monthly spread that helps me with this, but you can jot it down in your journal or even a scratch sheet of paper.

Deep Clean Your Home:
I am definitely NOT a domestic goddess. Organization is not my jam. I hate doing dishes and I am a borderline hoarder. However, it’s very hard to thrive in a chaos. Give yourself your best chance and refresh your environment. Get rid of clutter, deep clean your kitchen, shampoo the rug (or if you’re fancy, hire someone to do it!). Take time at the beginning of each month to make your space shine so that you have peaceful environment to crush your goals in!

Write Down your Goals:
If you’ve read my blog before, you know I am a huge advocate for writing down your goals! Get intentional about what you’d like to accomplish, write it down, and make a plan!

Plan Social Events with Intention:
Is there a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Ask them to dinner and put it on the calendar. Do you need to visit a family member? Put it on the calendar. Everyone is so busy all the time, but taking time to MAKE plans instead of letting them just happen will make for a happier month and deeper connections with the ones you love. Same goes for date nights, married folks!

Make Appointments:
I got a call from my chiropractor the other day because I hadn’t seen them in over a month. October was so busy and hectic that I didn’t make any appointments. Taking time at the beginning of the month to figure out when I could go would have made for a much more relaxed and happy me. Consider what appointments need to be made, whether it’s a hair cut, massage, or your kid’s tutoring session; make the appointment and write it down.

Take some time at the beginning of each month to figure out where you’re at financially, pay bills, and set yourself up for financial success.You can grab my free printable monthly budget worksheet I use here! I also use the monthly spread in my Panda Planner Pro to write down what bills are due and when, pay days, and any additional income (like Etsy). This way, I know exactly where I’m at and I don’t do silly things like spend money I don’t have.

Get the Essentials:
Stock up on things your household might need. I use Grove Collaborative for my cleaning products, Dollar Shave Club for razors, and we have a Sam’s Club membership for other household essentials like vitamins and supplements. Figure out what you need and grab those things at the beginning of each month to avoid running out.

Buy Cards:
I am the WORST snail mailer ever. I want to be good at it because I LOVE getting mail, but I seem to always miss the mark when it comes to sending it. I have finally found a way to help myself with this, though. Buy birthday, wedding, or shower cards or order holiday cards at the beginning of the month and be sure to send them a few days before the big day if you’re mailing them. Pro tip: Home Goods has the most gorgeous artisan cards and they always have a huge stack of them on clearance for $1. I have a blast going through them all!

Clean out your car:
I used to have a tendency to use my car as a catch-all. Then, I married a car guy and he cannot stand a dirty, messy car. I like to take my car to the car wash at the beginning of each month and use the free vacuums to get rid of dirt and dust. Get rid of any trash, and take all my jackets back inside to the coat closet where they belong. That way, I can start each day commuting to work in a peaceful environment (and it keeps my hubby happy, too) ;)

Plan Your Mental Health Day(s):
Please don’t be that person that brags about never taking time off. It’s not healthy and it’s actually less productive. Figure out what time you have to take for yourself and TAKE IT. It’s easier to make it happen if you plan ahead, so do it! Mental health days can be different for everyone, I like to take time to work on DIY projects, while the next person might need a day at the spa. Find your bliss, find a time for it, and enjoy.

What are your must-do items for each month? I’d love to hear them in the comments or on Instagram.