A Little Paint, Big Impact | Navy Blue Accent Wall

I’ve got the midweek blues, in more ways than one! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know I had quite the time painting ONE navy blue wall in our bedroom last weekend. Long story short -I didn’t get enough paint, it took me way longer than I anticipated, and I went over budget. I’m happy to report that it ended up worth all the drama, because I am OBSESSED with my navy blue accent wall.

sherwin williams rainstorm accent wall

Let’s start from the beginning. When we renovated our home in 2016, I was still in graduate school making less than $800 per month. We were on a strict, small budget. We had to paint EVERY SINGLE wall in the house because the walls were 1. hideous and 2. dirty. In order to save money, we purchased a five gallon bucket of a beautiful neutral gray color (Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams) and painted almost every room the same color. While it is a beautiful, calming color, I really needed some color in my life now that we have a little more room in our budget. This is what it looked like before:

navy blue accent wall before

I loved how neutral and calming it was, but after two years it got to be a little boring and drab. Blue is my favorite and the Gray Screen color has a blueish hue to it, so I thought a dark navy blue accent wall in our room would be gorgeous. I took to Pinterest to find the perfect shade of blue. I fell in love with Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams.

rainstorm by sherwin williams

I started making mistakes in the Sherwin Williams store. First, Sherwin Williams paint is higher end, and so typically more expensive. Although we aren’t on quite as tight of a budget as we were in 2016, I still like to pinch pennies where I can. My dad, who is a contractor, let me know (after the fact) that I could have taken the swatch to Home Depot and gotten them to match the color. It likely would have been a bit more affordable there.

My next mistake was not getting enough paint. Well, technically I got enough paint, but not enough to do a second coat with, which a dark shade will DEFINITELY need. So, I went in a got a quart of semi-gloss paint (flat finish would have been cheaper .. another oversight on my part). The quart cost me around $24. I got one coat on the entire wall from the quart, so I had to purchase another quart (on a second trip to the store) in order to finish the wall. Almost $50 (ouch) later, I had enough paint for two coats and it was just enough to look amazing. I could have saved a bit of money and time if I would have just gotten a gallon to begin with, but live and learn -am I right?!

So, if you are planning an accent wall for your home, learn from my mistakes! Despite all the drama, the dark accent wall turned out beautifully and took our bedroom from basic to bohemian dream. We are thrilled with how it turned out and are no longer afraid of bolder color!

before and after: rainstorm by sherwin williams accent wall

What do you think of the dark accent wall? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Love and light, friends! - Sarah