Cheap and Easy DIY How to Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware

Earlier this week, I shared our DIY kitchen renovation (you’ve got to see that before and after!), and today I want to share with you one of the quickest and easiest projects from the whole renovation: our DIY painted cabinet hardware. And, as an added bonus, it only cost me less than $15!

One thing I didn’t love about our kitchen before was the silver-ish cabinet hardware. They didn’t really fit my vibe and they were all kind of nasty from years of renters. When we were renovating our kitchen, however, we wanted to spend as little as possible. So what’s a gal to do? The same thing I did for my faux marble counter tops, of course! Paint them.

Over the years of being a budget conscious DIY babe I have had MANY spray paint projects (our DIY spray paint shutters were my favorite until this one). With that being said, I have learned the hard way how to successfully spray paint things so that they look nice and last.

how to spray paint cabinet hardware


Our cabinet hardware has seen some sh*t. It went through several renters that were less than worried about the home’s cleanliness, so we had to get them as clean as possible before we could paint. It’s very important to do this because if there is any film/grime/dirt between the surface of the handle and the paint, the paint will chip.
I did this by soaking them in equal parts hot water and white vinegar, with about 1-2 tbs of dish soap. This helped knock some of the initial grime off of them. I did this twice.
Then, I scrubbed each individual handle with a tooth brush while I ran it under hot water. This helped me make sure they were spotless before I painted them.

diy spray paint cabinet hardware

Be sure to spray paint in an area that is outside or partly outside for proper ventilation. I used a box that our laminate flooring came in to put the hardware on and it worked very well! Avoid wind as much as possible, or you may have spray paint in places you did not intend. 

We used Rust-oleum Satin All Surface Paint + Primer in Black for the base color. You will need to do several coats of this, ensuring you have evenly covered all surface area.

Once that dries, you have to seal it. This is very important because this clear coat will protect the color from chipping/flaking as well as determine the texture of your hardware. I chose Rust-Oleum All Surface Dead Flat Clear Spray Paint and Primer in One. This gave me the finish I was looking for. It took the shine off of the hardware and made it a very modern-looking matte black.

Let the final coat dry and marvel at your “new” hardware!

The black hardware is a gorgeous contrast with our newly painted white cabinets.