ten cleaning products i can't live without

As I have mentioned several times on this blog, I am no domestic goddess. For a long time I was very much the opposite. Now, I am much better in my attempts, but it’s mostly because I use products that make me excited to clean and make it easy to do. So, tonight I wanted to share some of my favorite products that get me pumped to clean house. A sentence I truly never thought I would write.

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ten cleaning products i cannot live without

Shark Navigator Freestyle $98
I cannot say enough good things about this vacuum! It is cordless, lightweight, powerful, and the easy-to-remove dirt cup makes this thing such a breeze to use. We have a pup that sheds CONSTANTLY and this vac is a staple in my cleaning routine. I love it for our hardwood floor, but it also works wonders on our carpet. I was horrified the first time we used it because it picked up so much dust my old Oreck was leaving behind. For less than $100, you can’t find a better or easier to use vacuum.

Mrs. Meyer’s Products $4
I HATE washing dishes. I have tried to approach it mindfully and all that, but I really just truly hate it. However, doing dishes is an important part of life (especially if you’re trying to save money by cooking at home), so if I HAVE to do them, I make sure I have products that spark joy for it.
I get my favorite dish soap delivered to my door monthly along with some of my other favorites from Grove Collaborative. I absolutely LOVE Grove Collaborative for this reason. When you sign up through the link, you will get a free trial of their VIP membership along with FREE Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap, Seedling Tree-Free Paper Towels, Seedling Tree-Free Toilet Paper, and Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges (another one of my favorites!). I have written about my love for Grove Collaborative before, so if you’re interested check it out here.

Mini Brush & Dustpan Set $8
Another absolute favorite. Since we cook at home a lot .. and since my husband is a late night snacker.. We often have crumbs and debris on the counter and it. Drives. Me. CRAZY. I love this mini dustpan and brush for cleaning debris off the counter (whatever doesn’t make it in the pan is pick up by our robot vac).

iLife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $169
This little guy, who we affectionately call Robert, is now an important member of our family. If you have pets, you NEED this vacuum. This works just like a Roomba, but for a fraction of the price. I like to let him run around the house on Saturdays and Sundays while I am doing other chores. He has some serious cleaning power and it’s so easy to dump the dirt cup. We do not run him when we’re not home (only because our dog is terrified of him) but you totally could. When he gets hung up on things, he stops and beeps to let you know. But, if you weren’t home, he would just power off. I am so happy with our robot vacuum, even if the puppy girl is not.

Bottle Brush $5
One of my favorite things from Grove! Since we do not buy bottled water (seriously, please stop buying that crap! Such a waste!), we use water bottles (this one is my FAVORITE). This bottle brush is so easy to use and makes me confident that my bottle is clean and ready to go.

Caldrea Countertop Spray $10
I got this as a freebie as a VIP member perk on Grove Collaborative once and have been obsessed ever since. You have never smelled a better smell. It is AMAZING! I have lots of counter space and this spray lasts me for months.

Essential Oils Diffuser $28
Essential Oils have so many benefits, but one of my favorites is how clean it makes my home smell. I got this diffuser as a gift and have used it every day since. It’s powerful and can change the smell of my entire living/dining/kitchen area. My favorite oils to diffuse are Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Grapefruit.

Method All Purpose Cleaning Wipes $7
These are my bathroom cleaning GO TO. They smell so good and work so well.

Mrs. Meyer’s Cream Cleaner $4
This is one of my hubby’s favorites. We have a white farmhouse sink and this cream cleanser worked wonders when I accidentally stained our sink yellow from Turmeric. I also use this on our tub and shower. It has amazing cleaning power for $4!

Amber Glass Spray Bottles $12
These come in handy for so many things. I especially love them for homemade cleaning vinegars and lavender pillow spray (tutorial coming soon, ya’ll!).

Are there products out there that inspire the domestic goddess in you? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram! I am always looking for ways to improve my cleaning game. A clean home helps my stress and anxiety sooo much.