free printable monthly budget worksheet

WHOA! It’s almost the beginning of February! I hope January treated ya’ll well. I am usually not the biggest fan of January, but this one was pretty good. Perhaps it's because I kept the winter blues at bay? Anyway, 2019, you’re alright with me so far!

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I’ve been pretty candid in the past about not always being so great with my money. Budget was basically a four-letter word in my early twenties. Now, it’s my favorite thing to do! Seriously. I obsess over the budget and it’s been life-changing. I am sooo close to being out of consumer debt. In fact, I will be done with credit card debt FOREVER before my next birthday (yippee!). Five years ago, I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and it really opened my eyes. While I don’t follow his method to a T, I’ve been doing a monthly budget ever since.


When I first started, I was riddled with anxiety when it came to sitting down and figuring out a budget. Which is funny to think about now since it is actually really simple! You really only need to know three things:

1. income - how much money you have coming in each month. if this varies -make your best educated guess
2. fixed expenses - necessary expenses that do not typically change month-to-month, rent, car payment, insurance, student loan payments, utilities, etc
3. variable expenses - expenses that are typically discretionary and could change month-to-month like groceries, clothing, entertainment, etc

When you take your total income and subtract your total expenses, any left over can be applied to savings (or to extra debt payments).

I have created a free printable monthly budget worksheet to help you get it all down on paper. This method has been incredibly helpful on my debt free journey and I know it can help you, too! Simply sign up below to get your printable straight to your inbox or click here to download instantly. You can also download the matching monthly calendars here!

I hope you enjoy your free printable and get lots of use out of it! I use them at the beginning of every month and it is one of my favorite past times now. Don’t tell 2013 Sarah that, she’ll think I’m a weirdo. Let me know what budget tips you have + how you use your new printable in the comments here or on Instagram.