intentions & visions for 2019

Happy 2019, friends! I feel like it’s already going by so quickly, I can’t believe we are on day 10! I hope it’s been wonderful for you so far. It’s been a whirlwind for me with my full-time job and my constant side hustling, but it has also been very positive. I didn’t have much of an opportunity to reflect on 2018 and focus on my intentions for the new year before it got here, so I carved out some time this week to do just that.

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Last year was a big one. That’s not to say it was perfect or that it didn’t have its challenges, but overall it was very positive. My marriage strengthened, I launched this blog, goals were met, I got out of my comfort zone, I learned so much, and I got even closer to my goals of being debt free. 2018 was really a year of getting to know myself and living my truth. An important first step in the success of 2018 was figuring out what I wanted, why I wanted it, and then aligning my actions with that purpose. Long story short, 2019 has some big shoes to fill and I am confident that it will.


I wanted to share what my intentions and vision for 2019 are with you today for a few reasons. First, I hope to inspire you to get clear and envision what you want for 2019. Second, it helps me stay accountable. And finally, I really believe in the power of vulnerability. I’m not perfect, my life isn’t perfect, and I don’t want to perpetuate the image that everything is rainbows and butterflies and that I’ve got it all figured out. I maybe have .5% of things figured out. And that’s okay. It’s a journey, not a race.

There are two books that have helped me realize the importance of setting intentions and visualizing my goals. First, You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero and second, She Means Business by Carrie Green. These books introduced me to Law of Attraction concepts in a way that made total sense. The principles outlined in these books have truly worked for me and I can’t recommend them enough.
These books really inspired me to get quiet, sit down, and envision what I want and even ask the universe for it. It may sound a little strange if you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction, but when I do this and am intentional about this practice, AMAZING things happen.

Take some time to yourself to close your eyes and envision the life you want. Get as detailed as possible. Write it down. Think about it often. This will help you get clear on your goals and remain positive and motivated while pursuing them.

This year, I would really like to focus on my health, my passion/side business, traveling, and my marriage.

- Health
Regular exercise helps me so much. It’s amazing stress relief, I sleep better, and it helps me feel confident. I want to be more intentional about it in 2019 and have it become a habit. I’m also cleaning up my eating a lot and drastically reducing the amount of sugar I consume. Getting my blood sugar stable and my hormones balanced is my top priority this year.

- Passions
When I envision what I want in life, I see myself running a vintage shop with beautiful turkish rugs adorning the worn hardwood floor and the shop cat curled up in my lap. That dream isn’t going to be a reality quite yet, but I want to work toward it every day. It’s hard sometimes when I am already working full time, to put so much energy into my Etsy shop or participating in vintage markets.

- Traveling
Travel is my husband’s passion. In fact, he proposed to me on our first road trip together when we were at The Grand Canyon. Aww. I had a goal of visiting five new states in 2018 and ended up falling short of that. We had a multi-state road trip planned, but as it got closer to time, the financial expenditure and time was getting to be too stressful, so we opted for a modest Florida vacation instead. This year we are hoping to go on one or two multi-state road trips to make up for it and are planning and saving more than ever so it won’t be stressful.

- Marriage
I think this one will be on my list of yearly intentions every year. I am so blessed to have a partner that makes marriage pretty easy, but it is still not always a walk in the park. I want to be intentional about being the best partner I can be and make the choice every day to love and honor my wonderful husband.

I am so looking forward to this year. I have confidence that we all can get closer to the life we truly want to live. Be sure to connect with me on Instagram for daily motivation and updates.

With love,