my kind of self care sunday

We have officially made it to Sunday, folks! Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I've found that focusing on self care on Sunday can lead to a really amazing work week. Today's post is about a few of the different ways I like to practice self care. 

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I think it's important to recognize that self care to one person may not quite feel that way to another. I am a certified anxious gal, so Sundays are best spent preparing for the week ahead with a side of relaxation. Spending my entire Sunday at a day spa would actually just create a lot of anxiety for me, whereas it's other people's self care JAM. It's important for me, personally, to balance my relaxation with reasonable productivity to calm my work week jitters. 

So, here are some of my favorite Self Care Sunday activities:

1. Yoga/Meditation
I am by no means a "yogi", but I sure do love yoga and meditation practice. There are so many online resources for beginner yoga and guided meditation. I spend about 30-45 minutes practicing and I feel much more grounded and at peace for my entire day. 

2. Make A List
I am a list-maker. It helps so much with my anxiety and small attention span. Sundays are full of possibility, so I'm much more likely to get things accomplished if I make a list. I'm such a list nerd that I make a "brain dump" list and then make a second list with each thing prioritized. 

3. Get ONE THING Marked Off The List
Once I make my list, I try to figure out what task could be a "quick" win. Is there anything more cathartic than marking something off the list? I think not! Today, for example, my quick win was folding the laundry in the dryer and starting a new wash load. Checking that small, easy task off the list gave me the motivation to move onto the next one! 

4. Exercise + Get Outside
One of my absolute favorite things to do on Sunday is to take my sweet pup to our local nature preserve to hike. It's a great way to get sweaty, make the dog happy, and spend time in nature. I always feel so much more at peace after a great hike. 

self care sunday hike

5. Read a Book
Or listen to a book, or a podcast! I have just recently gotten back into fiction, but Sundays call for my favorite genre, SELF HELP. It gets me pumped for my week. I am currently re-reading You Are A Badass because no book has gotten me inspired like that one!

Or.. if movies are more your thing

Some of my favorite teenage memories are catching Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family with my best friend. Every now and again, I like to relive that magic. I don't think I really need to explain why this is a good idea. This evening you can find me snuggled up in my Hogwarts sweatshirt, sharing fresh-popped popcorn with my pup, and watching The Goblet of Fire!

 PS. How perfect is my new crewneck from Totally Good Time!? I am OBSESSED. And they have something for anyone's brand of pop culture, be sure to check it out!

self care sunday harry potter weekend style

7. DIY Spa Day
Another important aspect of self care for me, is being mindful of my budget. And my budget just about requires DIY everything. I enjoy giving myself the spa experience by taking a detox bath complete with bath pillow. Add my new favorite eye masks (seriously, these things are MAGIC plus they make me feel like Busy Phillips). Finish up with a fresh coat of nail polish on my fingers and toes and I feel like a new woman! Ready to take on the week!

8. TREAT YOSELF (reasonably)
When I am living my best self care life, I enjoy splurging just a little on something just for me. One good thing about living in 2018 is that Amazon is a thing. Ordering something on Sunday evening gives me something to look forward to mid-week! I try to keep these purchases under $20 and practical. For example, today's purchase are these freaking amazing pens, they'll motivate me to keep up with my planner ;)

9. Get Creative
I absolutely love being artsy in my art journal. It feels so good to just get something down on paper. These aren't perfect or museum-worthy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was enjoyable and stress-relieving to paint and collage. Try out your creativity, whatever that may be! 

self care sunday art

I hope all of you folks have an amazing Sunday. How are you practicing self care today?