CHEAP & EASY DIY: How to Spray Paint Shutters

My husband and I have been in our home for a little over a year now. While we do not own the home, we are pretty tight with the landlords and they let us have free reign over the renovation and beautification of it. Perks of being related to the landlords, I suppose ;). We have done some MAJOR improvement on the inside, but hardly any updates to the outside. Many of the things we want to do out there are costly and not fiscally sensible for a house we don’t own. We recently found one quick, cheap, and easy way to instantly beautify the exterior: the shutters.


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My least favorite color in the entire spectrum for the home is any variety of dark red. When Pantone declared “Marsala” as color of the year a few years back, I died a little on the inside. I’m not sure why the color evokes such strong emotions in me, but it makes me feel angry and heavy. I do not like the vibes at all. And guess what color the shutters of our home were? You guessed it! Dark red. UGH.


It’s a bit frustrating that we didn’t do this sooner, it was quick, cheap, and easy -just how I like my projects! Our shutters are vinyl, so this was project was a breeze. This DIY would also work on wood shutters. 

1. Remove shutters from your home's exterior with a trusty drill. We have this one and love it!
2. Label where each shutter goes & which end is the top (this matters). 
3. Wipe shutters down with a wet rag and let dry. 
4. Spray shutters with spray paint. It will depend on your shutters, but we used about one can per three shutters. We sprayed them with Rustoleum Ultra Cover Paint + Primer Semi-Gloss in black and it was the perfect finish. They have plenty of colors to choose from, too! As always, be sure to spray paint in an area that is outside or partly outside for proper ventilation. Avoid wind as much as possible, or you may have spray paint in places you did not intend. 
When you are painting, be sure to get multiple angles and multiple coats!
5. Let dry.
6. Hang those babies back up and marvel at how easy + impactful this project was.


It took us a few hours and three cans of spray paint to tackle this project. It was SO worth it. Our little home looks much more modern and aesthetically pleasing. I am excited to keep ya'll updated on all our exterior updates and may even get to a point where I can share a full photo of the exterior soon (it's not quite ready for its debut yet). 

I hope this project is as breezy for you as it was for us! Let me know in the comments!