My Skin Care Routine

Confession: I am quite lazy when it comes to grooming. I am the type of gal that washes her hair once a week, irons her clothes using the dryer, and is lucky if she remembers to take out her teeth whitening trays before she falls asleep. (Have you ever fallen asleep with your whitening trays in?? The pain is almost unbearable!) I say all that to say, I have never really had the energy to have a skin care routine. Recently, however, I noticed the dark circles under my eyes were getting darker and fine lines were starting to appear (I had a really good time in college …). I hate wearing a ton of makeup everyday to cover it up, so I decided to take some action.

skincareroutine (1).png

If you're even remotely interested in beauty, you know that we are inundated with skincare options. From the vast selection at Target, the multi-level-marketing companies you see all over Facebook, to the lure of trying a DIY recipe, it’s so overwhelming! So, I turned to my trusty friend Amazon and got to researching. I spent hours figuring out what products would work best for me.

These products have really helped reduce my under eye circles, even out my skin tone, and tighten my skin. I have dry-normal skin with lots of redness. I have never had much of an issue with acne, but I have had freckles my whole life. Now that I am getting older, they are starting to fade and it's left my skin in a weird in-between. 

If you've been reading along for a while here, you know that I am on my debt free journey. That being said, it was important that the products for my skin care routine were affordable, but still effective. The products below checked all my boxes and they've done wonders for my face! I do this routine nightly and an abbreviated version in the morning (because I usually only have about 10 minutes between waking up and needing to leave for work. What can I say? I love sleep!).

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1. Remove Makeup + Cleanse
Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution - I LOVE this stuff. It makes taking my makeup off a breeze! I use it with a cotton pad and it seriously impresses me how easy it is to get all my makeup off. If I am wearing heavy foundation, I will also use one of the Alba Good & Clean wipes, to make sure I've gotten everything off my skin. I find the wipes at TJ Maxx sometimes for $4! The wipes have an exfoliating side, which I use sparingly. Since my skin is prone to dryness and redness, I don't exfoliate all that much.

2. Tone
Thayers Witch Hazel is the best. The rose petal scent makes me feel so feminine and fancy! This helps with redness so much and leaves my skin feeling tighter and so clean. I also use the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray throughout the day and it makes me feel pretty. If you spray a little on your hair, you'll feel like a Fancy Nancy all day! 

3. Serum
I did SO MUCH research about this. I felt most comfortable with using a Vitamin C formula for my dark circles and imperfections. The TruSkin Vitamin C serum had AMAZING reviews (I seriously read them for hours). I feel like this serum has done the most work on my skin. My dark circles and fine lines are much less dramatic and my skin tone is much more even. 

4. Moisturize
This is a crucial step for my skin care routine, as my skin tends to dry out easily. I use the TruSkin Vitamin C Moisturizer and it has been a game-changer for my skin! I use it twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft. I also use this BAEBODY Eye Cream. It has helped so much with the puffiness and lines on my eyes and it has excellent reviews!

5. Protect
These days, I don't have the time or the energy to do a full face of foundation. I don't want to take time blending foundation if it means I have to wake up any earlier. Fortunately, I found this AMAZING BB cream by Marcelle. It has just enough tint and glow to make it look like I tried, but it's lightweight and super moisturizing. The only downside is, it doesn't have SPF. SPF is important because the sun is what makes our skin sad and damaged. So, I use this Paula's Choice moisturizer with SPF 30. I have never been disappointed by anything Paula's Choice. Such a great brand!

This wouldn't be a great post about my skin care routine  if I didn't include a before/after photo. So, even though I cringe at the thought of people seeing this, here it is. My face in all its no-makeup glory. These were taken over a span of 10 weeks. I am thrilled with my results and feel so much more comfortable with little to no makeup. 


I also do masks about once or twice a week, but I change them up pretty often based on what BirchBox sends me. Most recently I used the GlamGlow Super Mud mask and it was AWESOME! 

What skin care do you use that you just LOVE? Let me know in the comments!