goals for 2018

I am a huge believer in goals. I believe in writing them down, looking at them often, breathing them in, and giving them your best shot. Every year, I write down some of my big goals for the year. They were the same every year for ... a long time. I was spinning in circles trying to do ALL THE THINGS at once. I would find myself frustrated and ashamed of myself for not achieving everything I set out to do. Fast forward a little bit, I've gotten to know myself better. I am an ENFP, which means big ideas are my JAM .. but the small details and logistics behind those dreams are certainly NOT. Understanding that has helped me tremendously and helped me show myself a little grace along the way. 


This year, I tried to be realistic and break my goals down into small, tolerable parts. This way, I can stay focused on the how and motivated by my small achievements. 

2018 Goals:

  • Exercise regularly

    • I have been going to Zumba class twice a week at the campus gym with my cool friend, Kayla of A Paper Arrow! Having an accountability partner is everything for me. Adding exercise to my life has made me so much less anxious and I feel GREAT.

  • Contribute to my savings account monthly

    • I've done well with this so far by making deposits into my Aspiration account. I highly recommend you check them out! You choose how much you pay each month for your checking account (you can even pay $0), you accrue interest on your balance monthly, they refund ATM fees, and they donate to great causes! If you use the link provided to open your account we both will get $25 to donate to a charitable cause of your choosing. How great is that?

  • Pay off all credit card debt using Dave Ramsey's Snowball Method (it totally works!)

  • Earn $1000 from side hustling

    • I will write a lengthier post on all the ways I hustle, but my main hustle is selling curated vintage decor and handmade items in my Etsy shop. Check it out and if you see anything you like, use code FRIEND for 15% your purchase.

  • Participate in three vintage markets

  • Visit five new states

  • Read new books!

And really, my overall goal is to live a more intentional life. Find peace in what is. Find a balance. Nourish relationships, make genuine connections, nurture love. Release shame and fear, embrace vulnerability and change. Get out there and LIVE.

What are your goals this year? Got any tips or monthly challenge ideas for me? Drop them in the comments below!