DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100

Anyone ever put off a home project because you just weren’t sure what the heck to do? I can relate.

Our little home was built in 1970 and it is most obvious in the bathroom. We have an avocado green bathtub and tile shower with a lime green tile floor. I absolutely love how much character it has, but I knew it would need a carefully planned and whimsical makeover. When we moved into our home in March 2016, I painted half of the vanity white and then decided I didn’t like it. Then, I didn’t do ANYTHING with it until last month (over 1.5 years later). Oops.

If you’re having a hard time visualizing how terrible it was, let me help you out.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100
DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100

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If you’re following me on Pinterest, you probably know how much I LOVE pinning interiors and eclectic design. I came across this pin and it instantly inspired me. I knew that the right pink vanity could look really great in the avocado bathroom.

So, I looked at about 1000 shades of pink until I found the perfect color.

I ended up choosing Pink Quartz by Behr. I bought it in a semi gloss finish, which is important when you’re painting cabinets. I only bought a quart and still have so much left over.

Once I had my paint, it was time to begin. If you’re a sane person, you should use painter’s tape and drop cloth when painting. You will see in the upcoming photos, that I didn’t really do that. Fortunately, it’s very easy to get paint off of tile. I used a 2 inch angled brush for this project.

First, I did an all over coat in Kilz white primer before I began painting with the Pink Quartz color. Do multiple coats if necessary and be sure to let each coat dry before adding another.

Then, the fun part. I started adding layers of the pink paint. It was very nerve-racking because I wasn’t sure yet if it was the right shade of pink, but it ended up being perfect in my opinion.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100

Once everything was painted and dry, it was time for new hardware. This was probably the most difficult decision I made for this project. I spent somewhere between 6-8 hours online looking for the perfect knobs and drawer pulls to complete the vanity.

After a lot of deliberation, I selected these drawer pulls and these knobs for the cabinets. I was nervous about how they would look, but I think they really tie in the vintage vibes and complement the pink vanity well. Only one small problem, the doors had handles before, so there were two holes per door. I used wood putty, a light sanding, and some touch up paint to make them disappear.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100

Next, my hubby added the drawer pulls to the faces of the drawers and reinstalled them. I also found a great rug + shower curtain to help complete the Look, as seen in the photo below:

DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100

Once that was all finished, there was one last piece of the puzzle, the faucet. And, MAN has this faucet sparked some debate. Personally, I love it and I think it suits the space really well. However, others have called it “trash”. I don’t really mind. To each their own, and those who feel the need to be rude about my faucet choices don’t have to come over, right? But also, who doesn’t love a quirky swan faucet, really?!

Once the faucet was installed, the bathroom vanity makeover was complete and cost me under $100.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100

The budget for this project was as follows:

Angled Paint Brush $0 (had on hand, I always stock up on these at Harbor Freight)
KILZ Primer $0 (had on hand)
Pink Paint $7
Wood Putty $0 (had on hand)
Sandpaper $0 (had on hand)
Cabinet Knobs + Drawer Pulls $35
Very Cool Swan Faucet $55

I ended up right under $100 for the entire project, which was wonderful with the holidays looming. I am thrilled with the way it looks and have gotten lots of compliments about it from our guests. It was one of the more eclectic and “out there” home improvements I have tried, but I feel the risky design paid off. I love getting ready in this happy, eclectic, vintage space.

Tell me what you think in the comments below or on Instagram!

DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeover for Under $100