100 less things challenge with free printable checklist


I know most people do their heavy cleaning and organizing in the Spring, but I don’t usually get the itch for it until right before the holidays each year. And if I’m honest, I never really have an “itch” to do it. I actually hate cleaning and organizing. However, I married a neat freak, and he showed me that not having a bunch of stuff I don’t need and having a clean, organized home really reduces anxiety. More about that here.

I’ve talked a little bit about how I used to be addicted to shopping. I would buy things to make me feel better. I’d feel better for about five minutes and then that item would be added to the pile of things I didn’t need that cluttered my home. After a lot of soul-searching and work, I understand my behavior and am soo much better at not doing it. However, I still have an insane amount of stuff in my life. These things take time. And that’s okay. Progress over perfection -always!

This season, instead of just organizing the tons of stuff I had, I really wanted to reduce the clutter. So, I challenged myself to get rid of 100 things to start. To be clear, I don’t mean just throwing 100 items in the trash. Keep Mother Earth in mind, give good/useful stuff away to people you love, donate what they don’t want, and recycle what you can. This article provides some great insight on how to recycle things in your home.

One hundred seems like a lot, but I got there pretty quickly. I ended up with a lot more than 100 less things and let me tell ya, it feels SO GOOD.

We deserve to feel good in our homes. We deserve for our homes to be a place of refuge rather than a place of stress. Less clutter and removing things you don’t want is a great start. Because this kind of thing can be easily overwhelming, I made a free printable checklist to help you get started with the #100LessThingsChallenge. You can download it here or by clicking the image below! So, are you up to the challenge? Share your 100 less things on Instagram using the #100LessThingsChallenge hashtag.