the easiest diy manicure

Last weekend I had the honor of standing by my very best friend as she married the love of her life. It was one of the best days! My bff had the most amazing vision for her wedding and it came together so beautifully. I mean, check out this beautiful look she chose for me! I have never felt so glamorous in my life!

the easiest diy manicure
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The night before the wedding, I looked down at my nails and realized I had done nothing to get them pretty for her big day! I was so fortunate to have a pack of Kiss Gel Fantasy nails in my bathroom closet. They are a “press-on” nail set, which may already have you cringing, but the quality is amazing and the adhesive tabs make it such an easy process. Ten minutes later, I had a beautiful, wedding-ready manicure that got compliments the whole night!

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Nothing makes me feel like I have my life together more than a good manicure. I used to get my nails done at the salon every two weeks without fail, but it got to be soo expensive and the acrylic eventually made my nails so weak and brittle that they were constantly aching. I never would have dreamed that press-on nails could be such a durable and beautiful solution. Whenever I wear them, people compliment them and ask me what salon I go to. Most people are SHOCKED when I tell them they are a press-on manicure I get for less than $10 at CVS.

Many times, women will tell me that they can’t do press-on nails because they won’t stay on, but I am here to tell you: If you put them on correctly, they will stay on through dish washing, showering, and even furniture painting (in my experience) for up to 7 days!

When you’re ready to stop having fabulous nails, they are so easy to remove and they do NO damage to your natural nails. So amazing!

Tonight, I want to share my tips for the easiest DIY manicure ever.

1. Get the KISS Gel Fantasy brand.
I’ve tried other brands of false nails, but nothing has been as durable and easy to apply as the KISS brand.

2. Thoroughly wash your hands and use nail polish remover + a cotton pad to sterilize your nails. This is VERY important. This step will ensure that the adhesive tabs stick really well to your nail.

3. Pick the correct sizes for each of your nails. This is another very important aspect in making sure the nails stay attached. Make sure that the false nail fully covers your natural nail.

4. Each of the false nails will have a tiny number on the inside tip. These numbers correspond with the adhesive tabs so that you know which ones to use. Apply the adhesive tab to your natural nail first, then remove the plastic barrier on the outside. Apply the false nail and press. Be sure to press the sides, too!

These nails make me feel soo fancy. I hope ya’ll love them as much as I do. You can get them at most drugstores and on Amazon, of course.

the easiest diy manicure
the easiest diy manicure